Take Quality Photos.

Everyone cannot afford a $5,000 camera with an expensive lens, but everyone has a great cellphone. Yes a cell phone. All of which come with a great camera that can take some pretty amazing photos for product, if you dont have one borrow one from one of your friends. TIPS: Lighting is important! Use a white background to help your product standout more. Lastly, ditch rooms with shadows, bathrooms with yellow lighting and dirty lens are not a good thing. Time is money in any business, take the time to capture quality photos to help you generate more $$$$ money!

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Know Your Product (Pricing)!!!

Always remember that our network is not a magic money pit. Just throwing up a bunch of crappy photos on you listings with no business plan will not bring you the success you are looking for. If you treat your business like a hobby you will reap hobby money, but if you treat it like a real business you will bring in the money you are striving for, do your research on what you really should be charging for your product to eliminate headaches and heartbreak.

  • Overpricing for a simple pair of used panties will cost you long term sales.
  • Not treating your business like a business will put you out of business.
  • Promote, promote, promote is never a bad thing. Social media can help.
  • Offer discounts and deals to build a loyal customerbase.
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Write A Good Headline & Description

Storytelling can help you gain a ton of new sells by just taking an extra few minutes to write a great headline with product details! Yes, having good photos will help you, yes, marketing to your friends and family but a good product description can help you reap big $$$$$! Corporations spend millions of dollars on product details and marketing! You may not have a million dollars but you do have time! Spend it wisely and watch your bank account grow!.

Know Your Audience (Who Are You Selling Too)???

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    Build Your Brand Online

    Regardless if you are a broke college student selling used undies, or a major corporation selling toys, build your brand around delivering on time with no issues.

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    Discount Double-Check!

    Everyone loves a discount, what better way to build a loyal customerbase than to offer great deals! Discount double check can be a good thing!

  • 3
    Negotiate, Negotiate...

    Life is not about what you deserve, its about what you negotiate! Tell your customer you are willing to negotiate on items, to keep all your options open.

  • 4
    Ask for feedback

    Always ask for requests and criticism before, during and after a sale to see what you can improve upon to earn more income.